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Distribution Inc

Your Forward-Thinking Distribution Partner

Distribution Inc is a web based company focused on developing,acquiring, and distributing viral products via the internet to both wholesale and retail channels.

Our agile methodology is tailor-made for companies looking to expand their brand and product reach with no setbacks. Our capabilities to manage your product's development, branding, fulfillment, logistics, and sourcing needs with one clear end goal, allow us to move the needle now rather then later.

Product Development

Our customer-centric strategy to product development allows our customers to predictably build product leaders in their desired market.

Product Sourcing

With our worldwide network of contacts, we source products with the best manufacturers on the terms most favorable to our clients.

Product Consulting

We assist our clients in developing,launching, and marketing their products

Product Branding

We help our clients develop their product brand to best resonate with their target market.

Product Management

We increase and sustain revenue growth through precise product management.

Product Fulfillment

We take the confusion and hassle of product fulfillment off our clients' shoulders. We handle all aspects of receiving, processing, warehousing, and delivery.

Product Marketing

Our omni channel marketing strategies allow our customer's products to reach their audience across a variety of channels.

Product Financing

We can help finance inventory costs, factor receivables, or assist with financing for your products to your customers. We help companies scale with their demand.


We increase and drive traffic to your product increasing overall revenue and sales.

Product Research

We get to know the ins and outs of your product to better tailor to our clients needs.

Product Websites

Our professional in-house development team can build custom sites to increase sales and brand awareness.

Product Placement

The perfect sales channels to help our clients revenue and sales to grow exponentially.

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Office: (800) 833-8829 | Email: info@distributioninc.com